Plasma-Rich Platelet Facelift

Small injections providing major results.

Our blood plasma (PRP) contains active growth factors. The cells produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in our skin.

A PRP treatment is rejuvenating from inside-out. It is an ideal treatment for anyone that wants to improve the texture and ‘radiance’ of the skin using a natural method. A PRP treatment stimulates the production of collagen and healthy tissue growth in the body, which sets a natural skin improvement process in motion.

The end result is healthier, firmer skin that looks younger and more beautiful.

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How the PRP Facelift Works

Step 1

The provider extracts a small amount of blood.

Step 2

This blood is centrifuged, so that only the enriched cells or blood platelets remain.

Step 3

The platelets (PRP) are then injected into the skin using an extremely fine needle.

Step 4

The enriched plasma now slowly but surely produces younger, firmer and tighter skin.

The treatment is completely safe. The major advantage of a PRP treatment is that you are treated with a natural body substance. It’s as natural as it gets!

PRP Facelift FAQS

Does it hurt?

Most patients experience the PRP vampire facelift as virtually painless. But if you wish, we can help you under intravenous sleep sedation. You will be fully asleep and do not notice the injections.

Do you use cutting-edge technology?

Yes. True Rejuvenation uses only the latest patented technology. Used in conjunction with a patient’s own biological cells it naturally promotes skin health.

What are the risks?

There is no risk of an allergic reaction with PRP therapy because the enriched plasma has been produced from the patient’s own blood. A concentrated amount of white blood cells make up part of the PRP which are the body’s natural defenders against infections. Infections are therefore extremely rare.

Are my red blood cells re-injected?

No. The red blood cells are separated from the platelets and only the enriched plasma (PRP) will be injected into your skin.

How long does PRP treatment take?

The actual procedure normally takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending upon the area’s being treated.

When can I go back to work?

Some redness may be visible on the treated areas following the procedure and some minor bruising. These will disappear a couple of days after treatment.

Do I need to repeat this treatment?

We advise 3 to 4 treatments initially, with a rest period of 6 weeks in between for optimal results. After this, we recommend a yearly or semi-annual refresher treatment to maintain the skin depending upon skin type and treatment goals.

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